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Masters in the Extraction of Exquisite Marbles 

We have always dedicated ourselves passionately to the extraction, processing, and marketing of fine materials, marbles, and onyx, always placing a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction at the heart of our activities.

The art of marble extraction is a tradition that has deep roots in our family, dating back to the 1960s when the pioneer Danillo Colpo began his operations on the Asiago plateau. Today, the legacy continues with his son Beppino Colpo, who owns the company that was established in 2001.

Over the years, we have shipped our exquisite marble blocks to clients in India, China, the United Arab Emirates, Europe, and the United States. Our constant presence, through an Italian manager at the extraction sites, allows us to offer our clients the opportunity to view the material both virtually and in person. For those who prefer to select the blocks directly on site, Mr. Beppino, with his warm hospitality, ensures that he meets clients personally and guides them through every step of the selection process.

How we work

Nestled in the heart of Veneto, our company stands out for the exceptional quality of our materials, which include sturdy granites, honey-toned onyx, and refined marbles such as the prestigious Sivec, radiant white, and delicate pink perlino. We take pride in offering a diverse selection to meet the demanding needs of architects, designers, and planners. We are committed to providing top-quality products, achieved through cutting-edge extraction processes and rigorous quality controls. Our many years of experience in the industry allow us not only to offer high-quality materials but also to provide expert advice to guide you in choosing the perfect marble for every project.
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Do you have a project?

Explore our vast assortment of marbles, granites, and onyx and discover how C. & C. MARMI S.R.L. can transform your vision into reality. We are ready to offer you tailor-made solutions, always ensuring the highest satisfaction and uncompromising quality.