Marble & Onyx

Discover the types of marble and onyx processed by C. & C. Marmi S.R.L. and contact us for any request.

The production of these materials is not just a process, but an art form that requires mastery and dedication. At C. & C. Marmi, we have state-of-the-art facilities for extraction, managed by expert craftsmen.

Perlino White

Light and uniform shade

Perlino Pink

Soft and delicate shade

Honey Onyx

Golden hue with delicate striations

White River

Crystalline white with veins

Materials that do not go unnoticed:

discover our selection of marble and onyx

We are more than just a marble and onyx production house; we are the guardians of an ancient art. Every piece that leaves our hands carries with it our dedication to excellence. By choosing C. & C. Marmi, you are selecting not just a material, but an indelible mark of beauty and quality.

Marble, long synonymous with luxury and sophistication, is at the heart of our production. At CCMarmi, we see marble not just as a material, but as an evolving work of art. Each marble slab, carefully and attentively worked, tells the story of centuries of artisanal tradition.

Onyx, a gem of nature, reaches its fullest expression in our creations. The extraction and processing of onyx are arts that we have perfected over the years, giving life to creations that enchant for their translucency and unique color variations.


Collaboration, Quality, Excellence

We are aware of the importance of your projects and we commit to providing not only materials, but also a partnership based on trust and a commitment to excellence. For this reason, we believe that your success is our success, and we work hard to exceed your expectations.

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